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We conduct a thorough appraisal of your property that you want to put up for rent based on the current rent market at that moment. This will give you a good representation of where to set your rent and what possibilities there are for property advancements. We conduct these appraisals to a high standard to ensure that you are getting the most out of your property, especially if it is an investment property

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Changing to Metro NZ Properties is easy and there is no cost. Even if it is for multiple properties. Complete the simple contact form or call us and we’ll be in touch to transfer the management properties to Metro NZ and to work with minimal disruption. Choose the property management team with the best extensive knowledge in the field. We simplify our systems to take the stress off proprietors and landlords. And, in the same way, we ensure that our tenants receive respectful treatment. We recognise that they are an important factor in the success of our clients.

Property Management Services And Appraisals

We are lucky enough to have systems in place that allows us to work in a paperless environment. This enables us to have a speedy and accurate process when looking at your property related matters and also helps to sustain the environment. Strategic planning and systematisation of our processes are one of our strengths and we can proudly show off our Westpac Business Award in this category. At Metro NZ, we don’t guess the rental potential just from the rent of the neighbouring houses.


We want to meet you on-site, not only to assess the most accurate rental prices but also to discuss with you any potential options that will increase the popularity of the property to tenants or the property value.


We are Property Management Specialists

What sets us apart is our “team” approach to our property management services that creates an infectious positivity amongst our staff members. We like to think that this same energy also rubs off on our clients.

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Metro NZ is one of the top Auckland Property Management companies. All of our staff are property investors who have expert knowledge of the property market and your best interest in mind at all times. Check out our tailored services we offer as an Auckland property management company.


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Metro NZ - A Bespoke Auckland Property Management Company

All the property management tasks that you would expect to be done by us are done to the very highest standard. We go above and beyond and take care of some things that other property management companies would ignore. One of those is that we arrange the staging of your property where that is required or where we know that it will attract a better class of renters.


A well-presented property will benefit the property owner, the tenant and us.

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