Building Management

Like residential property management, building management takes the worry of property management away from the owner and landlord. Our approach to building management is hands-on, in that our building managers always take the time for frequent visits to the building. That on-site approach ensures that there is a proactive response to any issues that are present at the time and also identifies potential issues before they arise.


At Metro NZ Property Management, we can assist with the management of your buildings, that comply with the Body Corporate Administration. We have an enviable reputation throughout the Auckland region for property managing and we will always go the extra mile to provide the best quality service for our clients. From building maintenance to grounds and landscaping, our team will ensure that each service our business provides will uphold our reputation and will be completed with the closest attention to detail.

Do You Need a Property Manager?

Our property managers have vast experience in managing properties and provide expert knowledge on how to maintain the property, the upkeep of your investments. Our tenant selection is vigorous and we can help landlords and tenants understand the tenancy law. We want to make sure our clients know they are in the hands of experts in property management. If you need a property manager or need assistance with property management, get in contact with our professional and friendly team today.

What is Building Management?

Just like any residential property requires management and maintenance, it is the same for larger buildings like apartment complexes. Our team can provide a range of services from day-to-day operations and a plan to manage property repairs that need to be taken care of from time to time. Metro NZ Property Management is a professional Auckland property management company that provides exceptional service and will give property owners assistance on how to take good care of their property.


Our team of property managers have an amazing work ethic and will ensure that our building management services are professional and maintain the best quality standards. We will support you throughout the whole process and can offer you deals on building management if you choose more than one service. Keep reading below to see what building management services Metro NZ Property Management can offer you.

Building Maintenance

Rental buildings, big or small, should be maintained to a high standard. A good building manager will put in place a maintenance plan that covers things like internal fittings, appliances, air conditioning, internal phones, IT systems, security and multiple other general maintenance coverages. This plan does include budgeting and scheduling as well.


Here at Metro NZ Property Management, we make sure that all of your rental property needs are cleaned regularly and are up to living standards. Building upkeep has a lot of work “behind the scenes” work to make sure that the rental building or property investment is functional and remains comfortable for its’ tenants. If you, as landlords or as a tenant would like further information on this, please get in contact with the professional Metro NZ team.

Asset Management

All of your property assets are placed on an asset register for accounting purposes, which is also known as depreciation. The asset management is tied to the maintenance and replacement plan. What is asset management? This type of management is the practice of increasing the total wealth of assets over some time. This is done by acquiring, maintaining and trading investments that have the potential to grow in value. The aim is to increase the value while mitigating risks simultaneously.


Give us a phone call or send us an email today to talk more about your assets and how we can assist you in managing them. Whether you have assets as an investment or even if you own an investment property, we can help you. Our team have many years of experience and are committed to guaranteeing your assets are in good hands. We are not only looking out for you but your future as well.

Fault Management

Metro NZ is available for a first response call for a tenant when faults occur. Our property managers will manage the procedure of arranging suitable service personnel or contractors to remedy and report on these faults. We want to keep happy clients and provide them with the best property services possible. If the rental property has a fault that needs to be fixed, get in contact with Metro NZ Property Management New Zealand and phone us today.


As landlords of a rental property should be maintained to a high standard. Our highly experienced team are committed to helping you keep your property up to standard and can help with any faults on your property or your building. See below to find out how Metro NZ Property Management can assist with keeping your grounds and landscaping looking professional and to a high standard.

Building Security

An important part of this type of management is the management of security. This includes monitoring cameras, gates and gate swipe cards or fobs. The security system requires management of the actual systems, but also extends into dealing with the building tenants. Installing a security system within your property, whether that be a residential house or for apartment buildings, can be helpful in case the worst-case scenario comes true.


Our team will be managing the security systems to ensure nothing is overlooked and we will always keep your best interest as the property owners in mind. Installing a security system is a great investment because not only does it keep records of your property for safety and insurance purposes, but it means you can rest easy knowing that Metro NZ Property Management services are looking out for you.

Grounds and Landscaping

Just like how buildings need to be maintained, the grounds surrounding the property need to be maintained and kept pristine. Our property management team goes the extra mile to ensure your property grounds are kept up to a high standard. If you don’t have time to maintain the grounds of your properties or if you’d rather hire someone to assist with the management of your property, then Metro NZ is the business to choose.


Our property management company maintains a “walk-in” approach to building management. This way it makes sure that we keep in touch with the landlord or owners and the building’s tenants. Building Management usually involves larger, multi-tenanted properties and is frequently an addition to Body Corporate Administration. If you have further questions, don’t be afraid to get into communication with us, our Auckland property management team would be happy to assist you.

Additional Services

Metro NZ Property Management offers service excellence in all areas of our company. Not only do we offer exceptional service on buildings and their management, but we also have specialists who are property managers, and we have team members who can assist with rental property management. Additionally, if you are a property owner or landlord, we can make sure that your property complies with the Healthy Home Standards.

If you are a tenant who is looking for somewhere to rent, or a potential renter looking for a place to call home, we can support you with that! We help tenants throughout the process and management of any additional fees that may pop up. View what is available for your next home or apartment all over the Auckland region, we have your next place for you.


For potential renters, we have a renting application process that we can assist you with. We treat our tenants the same way we would treat our guests. Our rental properties and our exclusive range of rentals grant you a wide choice. The application method is simple and our team will be there with you along the way, giving you peace of mind.

We Make Sure We Are Giving Back to the Community – Our Community Involvement

Metro NZ Property Management has been involved in the support of various charities for many years. We often roll up our sleeves to help, whether that be delivering food or helping out financially. Our company has a passion for giving back to the community. If you have any questions about what charities we have been involved in, get in contact with us! We love sharing our stories and our team can give you more information on what charities we support.

Auckland Property Management Services – Professional Property Managers

All of our Building Management services that you would expect to be done by us are done to the very highest standard. We go above and beyond to take care of your building and property that other property management companies would ignore. One of those is keeping your property up to the Healthy Homes Standards. Once your property complies with this standard, it can assist in finding a good class of renters. A well-presented property will benefit the property owner, the tenant and us.

Contact The Property Management Specialists

As an owner of a property, you would want a company that has a focus on you and your properties. We can assure you that our company, Metro NZ Property Management is just that. Our team is there to support you throughout the whole process and will make sure you receive the best service possible.

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