How to make a complaint

Step 1: Contact the manager

The branch manager is responsible for managing and supervising salespeople and property managers and will take charge of any outstanding issues.


Step 2: Contact our customer relations team at our Support Centre

If you have been unable to resolve your complaint at Step 1, please contact our Support Centre at


In order for us to ensure we are dealing fairly with everyone involved, we have a formal complaints process. If your issue reaches our Support Centre level, it will go through this formal process.

Step 3: Real Estate Authority (REA)

We hope that your complaint has been resolved by this stage. If not, you can also make a complaint directly to the REA. You do not have to have gone through our complaints process before doing this.


The REA is the government body that oversees and enforces the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. As a government body they have a formal process for dealing with complaints. Your complaints to the REA must be sent on the provided form.