Healthy Homes Standards New Zealand

A new law was passed in July 2019 for rental properties that have to comply with the Healthy Homes Standards New Zealand. These standards play a significant and vital role in improving the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders who are residing in rental properties. These standards had introduced specific and minimum standards that every rental property has to follow. Landlords are responsible for improving and ensuring that their rental properties comply with the Healthy Homes Standards.

What are the Healthy Homes Standards?

The Healthy Homes Standards New Zealand are there to help with the wellness and overall health of the tenants who reside in residential properties. There has been researching that has been included on the Healthy Homes Standard that has found there is a clear link between damp and colder homes to health conditions. These conditions include asthma and other cardiovascular diseases. Improving the overall health of tenants means there will be lower medical costs and lower levels of hospitalisations.

This is why there are such home standards in place. From private rentals and government-owned housing estates, they have to or will have to abide by the Healthy Houses Standards. Having a healthy home means that you are less likely to need medical attention because of the illnesses that can occur in an unhealthy home.

Healthy Homes Standards

Read below to see what standards have to be met if you are looking to put a property up for rent, if you are looking for rental properties or if you are already a landlord but need to make changes. Our rental property managers can assist with any questions.

Standards For Every Rental Property


All rental properties have to have at least one or more fixed heaters. The fixed heater must direct heat from the main living room and meet the required heating capacity. A certain heat pump or heaters that are too expensive to run, unhealthy or inefficient will fail this standard. The heater must have lower maintenance costs and provide heat in the property.


Both ceiling and underfloor insulation should be in all rental homes. The Healthy Homes Standards only builds on what the initial insulation standard was. Some existing insulation in rental homes might need to be topped up or replaced.

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All rental homes must have windows in the dining room, kitchen, living room, and bathroom that can be opened. Kitchens and bathrooms must have working extractor fans in place.

Moisture Ingress, Drainage, Draught Stopping

Rental homes must have adequate drainage for the disposal of stormwater, surface water and groundwater. For draught stopping, landlords must make sure there are no unreasonable gaps, such as holes, in the ceilings, windows, skylights, walls, floors and doors. Holes in such areas can cause noticeable draughts. Solving such problems are important for draught stopping. Unused fireplaces and chimneys must be closed off and blocked to implement draught stopping. Talk to our building management team for further advice.

Exemptions to the Healthy Homes Standards

In some cases, some rental homes and their landlords can apply for exemptions to the Healthy Homes Standards. Private rentals of either new or renewed tenancy agreements can be exempt from specific standards (e.g. moisture ingress and drainage and draught stopping). The exemption can apply to the whole or some of these standards.

Important Key Dates for Boarding Houses, Government Houses, Private Landlords and other Tenancy Services

From December 1st, 2020 new or renewed tenancy agreements must include how the property complies with the Healthy Homes Standards. There needs to be specific information about how the rental home complies with the Healthy Homes Standards and the current level of compliance. Whether the home reaches the minimum standards or if the home needs to undergo another free assessment.

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