September 11, 2019

Foreign Buyers
Property Investment
By: metronz

Investing on the North Island New Zealand has always been a good idea. However it is always beneficiary to know what can be expected from the different regions.



Auckland is the Heart of the North Island, with it's almost 1,5 million citizens it is the biggest city of New Zealand. In 2018 the Auckland region was responsible for almost 38% of the GDP of New Zealand, based on the statistics revealed by Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa.

Out of all regions, Auckland has the highest median house prices, therefore investing in that region has the highest capital consumption. To have a look at the bright side it needs to be mentioned that Auckland median house prices have not changed in the last year. Furthermore the rental prices in the region increased however more moderately  compared to other regions.



Waikato Region lays south from Auckland. The region is economically more calm compared to Auckland, it's economic weight is fifth of Auckland. The biggest city in the region is Hamilton, surrounded by stunning natural formation. The region spreads shore to shore on the North Island including Lake Taupo.

Just like Auckland, house prices showed no change in the last year, making it a very friendly market to invest in, since the rental prices grew by 7.3% in the last year. The region is more inviting for investors with a lower capital budget since house prices are approximately 60% of the Auckland prices.



Northland is the very Northern end of New Zealand, a less populated area. It's main town is Whangarei, with not even 60 000 citizens, meaning it is a less urban but more friendly and nature loving area. It is understandable why the economical weight of the region is behind even Waikato, being almost 15 times smaller than Auckland .

The house prices here are approximately 56% of the ones in Auckland, almost same as Waikato, but they - unlike the other two regions - have increased by 6.1% compared to 2018. It indicates that the region is developing fast, being considerable for the investors. Especially since the rental prices increased by 7.5% since last year.


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