Investment Properties

Do you need an investment property manager? You may be looking to purchase investment properties or already own a house or apartment that you rent out to tenants. No matter the situation you are in, Metro NZ Property Management wants to make sure you are maximising your returns. We will address every possible circumstance that may arise on your behalf. You should choose to work with Metro NZ as your property manager because even though landlords are usually financially-savvy, sometimes they can be left in the dark when finding tenants. This is where we come in.


Finding information about potential investment properties can be difficult, especially if you are new to making money in this way.

Investment Property Management

Our investment property management team are some of the best in the business. Offering knowledgeable advice and will always give you the advice with your best interests in mind. Metro NZ offers the best investment property management and will leave you with no questions left to ask and zero worries about the property. Get in contact with us today to talk about how we can help you become an investor.

What is an Investment Property?

Investment properties are properties that are purchased with the intent to gain income from the property through rental income, the future resells of the property or both. Whether you are based in Auckland or if you are overseas, we want to make sure, as property investors and as property owners that your tenants are paying monthly statements on time. Our property management team will keep the maintenance of the property up to professional standards. As a result, satisfied landlords and happy tenants.

How To Be a Property Investor

For a long time, making money through investment properties has been a favourite for New Zealanders. But, many soon-to-be investors might not know where to begin. Investment properties can improve your financial situation over a long time frame through capital gains (property increasing in value over time) or through rent paid by tenants, known as rental income. Metro NZ has some of the best rental property managers in Auckland that will be happy to help you with your rental income tax and other costs!

Usually, it is harder to get a loan for a rental property than it is for buying property for yourself. Property investments are usually known as ‘safe as houses’ because if found in financial trouble, you can sell your rental to the highest bidder, or increase your rental income by increasing rent. However, in some cases, you aren’t able to sell. Look at the risks of investing in properties below:

The Risks in Investment Properties

Lenders can ask you to repay the money within a certain time or unexpectedly so you might not be able to sell or sell enough to cover the mortgage payments.


If an investment property is mortgaged with the same bank as your home property is mortgaged with, the bank could decide to sell both properties if there is any trouble running into mortgage repayments.


Interest rates could suddenly increase, this means that your mortgage payments will increase as a consequence.


Talk to our rental property managers and investment property managers to discuss any further risks of property investing. Or, if you have any questions about potential investment properties for them to become rental properties. Our team will additionally offer building managers so you have one less thing to worry about when property investing!

Other Ways to Invest in Properties

Not only can you buy property as an investment, but you can also buy shares and invest in funds that manage commercial properties. Taking this avenue as a property investment journey, investors can receive income if the managed fund makes a profit off of rental income. Investors can make a profit if the building is sold or shares have been sold as well. Additionally, with Kiwi Saver, multiple fund types have commercial property investments in them. Talk to your local bank about interest rates and your Kiwi Saver today.

Managing Rental Income

At Metro NZ Property Management, we manage the payments of tenants to ensure that you are getting your rental income on time, every time. Forget about those real estate agent fees, as property managers, we don’t have any other costs for our services.

Residential Property Investment

Auckland house prices are only increasing. This makes it increasingly difficult for those who want to or need to find a family home quite difficult. This is where you come in.


As a landlord of residential property investment, you get to choose the ideal tenant of the many applicants we will give you.

Rental Property Investments My Investment Property

If you have enough equity in your existing home, you can use that to buy an investment property. You could invest in a holiday home and rent it out during the months you aren’t residing there. This is a popular way to gain rental income. We will help you out with any income tax implications and always be there to answer any questions from you or anyone living in your investment property.

Contact One of The Leading Property Management Teams in the Industry

Looking to be a property investor? Metro NZ is a leading property management company in Auckland. Our team are experienced in property investments. Phone us on 09 391 4642 or contact us via email at We’d be happy to assist you with any questions you may have as a landlord, tenant, investor, potential renter or someone who just wants more information! You’re in safe hands with us. Contact our professional and experienced team of property managers today.

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