November 25, 2016

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By: metronz
New Zealand’s most dangerous drug is often an invisible one. Getting your investment property Meth tested can be extremely crucial in generating maximum returns for your rental property by ensuring a safe and liveable environment for your tenants. It only takes a few months smoking meth, or “P”. for chemical particles that cause breathing problems, headaches and nausea to attach to dust and leach into walls and carpets. In a recent article written by Stuff, it was stated that in 3 months – 44 percent of properties in Nelson that were tested by MethScreen returned positive results. More often that not the positive results are from usage rather than manufacture, however mere usage can impact an owner’s life savings and retirement. Those who end up owning a meth contaminated property face losses in several areas from a drop in value and sales price, rental losses while property is contaminated, compensatory payments and even demolition of property.  Most contaminated properties will require decontamination which can cost between $5000 to $35,000 for the homeowners. Failing to recognise the dangers of meth contamination in your property can result in hefty consequences for you as a property owner. A recent Tenancy Tribunal decision ordered a Tuakau landlord to pay more than $7500 to his former tenants for unknowingly renting them a meth-contaminated house. Under a new health and safety law, landlords and property managers must also protect the health of contractors on a property if there’s a chance methamphetamine has been used or manufactured there. In order to protect your investment by mitigating any losses, meth testing can be a vital tool in ensuring the safety of your tenants and your investment. Contact the team at Metro NZ today to find out more about meth testing and how we can protect your property to ensure you receive maximum returns for your investment. References: