June 10, 2019

By: Editor at Metro NZ Properties


While talking about Miracle that is a small world ride let us ride the world but what after the ride ends, let us tell you that, wanting to make your small home in this small world let us make your way easy, let us be the roads to your home let your dreams been seen through our eyes, giving you the best location with the best prices, where the world is really a small place to stay on but after what it all ends up at your home, all after from work till your tired day at work want to come home and relax as said after all day out at the end people will come home let us help you to reach to your destiny after all your days end and its “Home”.

Let's see how miracle works in our property management process. At Metro NZ, we are not administration property manager who sits behind the screen all day and replies emails, we will be the face cover to our client all in the front standing with them and processing together. We are hands-on the property manager and we are always on our road!



“One Road Leads HOME

Thousand Roads Lead Into The Wilderness”


Isn’t it a long process and thinking that if someone would go all this work for you and you just relax then now just relax, we are presenting miracles that you need to look around?

We Metro NZ Property will drive you to the place where your days ends let us help you with the best properties you want as per your choice of option and best choice of our property. We will be deriving the talk of both the parties the tenant as well as the owner, both are equally important to us tenant don’t fell you are less important you as well important as the owner all you need is to make us your partners so, Let us be your partner till your home destination from viewing till the destination of your home just let us walk with you till your home later on also if you need us, let’s all walk together in this small world to make our own small world




All you need is to contact us:

PH: (+64) 09 985 5706 Mob: (+64)022 5418909  




Web: www.metronz.co.nz


Level 33, ANZ Centre, 23-29 Albert Street,  Auckland CBD 1010, NEW ZEALAND

Best Regards,

Suzan Bhagwagar

Marketing Assistance