Property Management

Property management is comprised of a large range of disciplines. They are varied and can be complex and require a range of skills from dealing with people, sometimes in difficult situations to knowledge of compliance and legal issues.


At Metro NZ properties we have well over 20 years experience with managing properties. We pride ourselves on our professionalism at every level, whether that involves property investment, property sales or other property ownership aspects, to dealing with tenants.

Looking After The Owners’ Property

A rental property is an asset that we know should be looked after well. Being tenanted, there is the chance that property will sometimes experience hard knocks. Where we manage the property on behalf of a landlord, our primary objective is to ensure that the property will grow in value. Our job made a lot easier if we select tenants that treat the property with respect and that mitigates the risk to the property owner and landlord.


Conducting regular inspections is a necessity, along with comprehensive reporting. That allows us to take pre-emptive action and remain close to both tenants and landlords.


Another benefit of dealing with Metro NZ properties is that we recognise potential. For example, presenting a property in the best light attracts better tenants; and so we get involved in the presentation of the property prior to inspection, or recognising where a 3 bedroom house can be turned into a 4 bedroom house by making minor alterations can add value to the home at time of sale.


At Metro NZ properties we have well over 20 years experience with managing properties. We pride ourselves on our professionalism at every level, whether that involves property investment, property sales or other property ownership aspects, to dealing with tenants.

Many of our property owners live overseas. Our comprehensive reporting systems keep these overseas property owners fully informed of the status of the tenancies and the property. With the property owner unable to direct their property affairs in New Zealand, they trust us to make key decisions to ensure that their property portfolio remains on target with their objectives and expectations.


Our hand’s on approach makes it possible for property owners to maintain their properties to a similar level to what they would do if they were in New Zealand. We understand that in these cases we may have to get involved beyond what is classed as “Property Management”.


If you are not in New Zealand and you have a property or a portfolio of more than one rental property then we’d like to hear from you.


The same applies if you are out of our main areas in New Zealand – Auckland, Whangarei and Hamilton, or if you want to invest in property overseas, where we manage properties in London, Dubai and Hungary with more cities being added soon.

Finding New Tenants

Good tenant selection processes is one of the areas that we place most emphasis on. Having top-class tenants eliminates some of the tasks that we’d rather avoid and it reduces the risk of damage to the property and therefore to the asset value of the property.


We have a large database of potential tenants and know their requirements and needs so that we can match them with available properties. Alternative to our database is our thorough advertising and selection process.


In each case we insist on professional references and a thorough interview process.


The selection process is supported by our tenancy agreement which we can customise as the situation requires, to protect both tenant and landlord. Tenants are a key component of the rental property ownmership process and we pride ourselves in treating our tenants with the utmost respect.

Property compliance has become more and more complex. Since we’re dealing with the top end of the rental market it’s no surprise that we support the new legislation. We are all in favour of supplying our tenants with warm and healthy homes. At the same time we realise that there are costs to the landlord to achieve that and aim to maximise returns on any additional investment.


If there is remedial work to be done to ensure compliance of a property, we inform the landlord and can arrange tradespeople to effect the changes that are required.


We work with a team of trusted professionals and do not add margin to their cost.

In our time as property managers we come across many different types of property. We’ve seen examples of owners maximising return by making small changes and on the other side of the ledger, we’ve seen landlords make changes that in the end result in further costs.


As your property management company, we see it as our duty to communicate opportunities where we see them. Sometimes these opportunities result in immediate gains, for example where we get the opportunity to sell a tenanted property results in a higher sales price or where a change in layout can result in attracting more rent or better tenants.

Even with the best tenants, we maintain our regular property inspections. While, with our thorough tenant selection process, sometimes circumstances can change, but the inspection visits put our property owners at ease and give us the chance to engage with both parties.


The tenants feel that they have a friendly, independent person that they can trust to be listened to and they have the opportunity to raise any potential concerns.


Our inspection reports are comprehensive and well liked by our landlords.

In New Zealand, residential property is the mainstay of the “mom and dad investor”. While many of those landlords run their property portfolio themselves, we do look after a large number of those properties.


Were the portfolio is large or complex it makes sense to hand the management to a professional organisation, or where the owner is not near the property, the management can be cumbersome.


From time to time our property owners want to sell a rental property. We have a process that encourages the tenants to remain in the property during the sale process. Residential properties that are sold with existing tenancies and tenant agreements attract a significantly higher sales price. If you’re thinking of divesting, it is a good idea to let us manage the property for a while, to get to know the tenants and to aim at selling the property at a top return.

On our property portfolio we have a large number of city apartments in Auckland. In some cases we manage the apartment block as building managers or body corporate managers. In other cases the owners have tasked us to look after the tenancies of these apartments.


For our tenants, we have a large selection of city properties available.

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