June 1, 2018

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By: metronz

According to Henry from Stuff.co.nz, the proposed foreign property buyers ban has been relaxed for foreign investors looking to buy apartments.

"The Government will accept changes suggested by the majority of the Finance and Expenditure Committee in their report on the bill.

The major change concerns apartments. Originally the ban would allow foreign buyers to purchase apartments off the plans, but would force them to sell them on once the building was completed.

Now the ban will allow foreign buyers to hang on to apartments bought off the plan, as long as they are part of a development that is 20 or more units large.

The Government has also announced Singapore will join Australia as a "carve-out" nation, with all of its citizens enjoying the same rights as Kiwis to buy property, in order to not disrupt a free trade agreement.''

Now the foreign investors can relax down. As an investor, you are still allowed to have your real estate in your portfolio after the development is completed. A rental return can be a significant income for the investors.

However, the other concern of overseas investor is, how they can manage their portfolio without moving to New Zealand?

Property Management is a growing and vigorous industry in New Zealand. According to the Residential Tenancy Act, as a private landlord, if you will be going out of New Zealand for more than 21 consecutive days, you must appoint an agent to manage your rental property during the time you are away.

Landlords may appoint anyone as their agent, however, the agent should be someone who is fully aware of (and able to fulfil) the legal requirements, obligations and responsibilities of managing a rental property.

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