Rental Properties

Are you looking for a professional property manager that offers competitive rates? Then look no further than Metro NZ Property Management. We have been at the front of Auckland’s rental property management services for many years, offering everything you may need when looking to find a rental property manager. When you work with our property management team, you can finally be assured that your home is getting the professional care it requires and that your tenants are paying you on time.

Rental Appraisal Auckland with Metro NZ Property Management

Unlike other property management companies, like real estate agents, we can assure you that your rental appraisals are done with your interest at the forefront of our minds. Our property managers are there to provide you with details on the current rental market, so you can find out the potential of your home or property investment. An exact rental appraisal can only be done if we can view the property.

We want to meet you on-site, not only to assess the most accurate rental prices but also to discuss with you any potential options that will increase the popularity of the property to tenants or the property value. Our appraisals are obligation-free and ensure that you get the best returns. This will provide you with a clear indication of where to set your rent and what possibilities exist for property advancements.


At Metro NZ we don’t guess the rental potential just from the rent of the neighbouring houses. As a landlord, you may be unaware of the current shifts in the renting market and unaware of the demand for rent. This could mean that your property might be underperforming without you actively realising it.


Our team has extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge in rental appraisals, so we will make sure that this does not happen. You can request a rental appraisal from us and we will send out a good property manager to you on behalf of the rest of the team at a time and day to suit you. Get in contact with us to sort out your future as a landlord today. Metro NZ will make sure that your property meets all legal requirements and passes all inspections.

Property Managers

Are you a property owner looking for professional property management? The team at Metro NZ Property Management have the best knowledge and experience to manage your property. We have systems in place that allow us to be environmentally conscious and work in paperless conditions. This leads not only to swift and exact processing of your property related matters but also permits us to sustain the environment. Strategic planning and systematisation of our processes are one of our strengths, proudly showing off our Westpac Business Award in this category.


Whether you are an owner of an investment property that you bought just to rent out or if you are a landlord who has been doing this for years, we want to help you with managing your property. Our company puts your best interest first as landlords or potential renters, we want the best deal for you and your property.


In the same way that we streamline our systems to take the pressure off property owners and landlords, we ensure that our tenants receive the same respectful treatment. We recognise that they are an important factor in the success of our clients. Our property managers understand that you only want the best tenant to live in your rental properties. This is why we have a thorough tenant selection process.


Any prospective tenants will have credit checks to make sure they will make the payment for rent on time, every time. You can rest easy knowing that we are taking care of your property while keeping your tenants happy. You have more important things to do other than answering late-night phone calls and late rental payment disputes, this is why our property managers are here for you. We make are that everything that could be handled by us is taken care of. We want to be as helpful as we can to both landlords and tenants.

Building and Grounds Maintenance

Not only do we manage your property that is being rented out, but we also can take care of your building maintenance issues and take care of your property landscaping and grounds. Offering an exceptional service from our Auckland team of property managers, we can assure you that you will not only save money with us but you will also get back your valuable time. Maintaining your building and property is something that we pay high attention to detail with, ensuring that all tenants will feel comfortable, safe and at peace with where they are staying.

Want to Change to Metro NZ Property Managers?

Changing to Metro NZ Property Management is easy. We collect the required information from you, like an appraisal and in return, you’ll see the benefits of working with a people-focused company.


We have an enviable reputation for working with landlords, renters, building owners, owners of investment properties and other property managers, like real estate agents.


Contact our team of professional managers if you would like to change to Metro NZ, and we will make sure we are actively involved in your property issues! Solving tenancy problems and dealing with general property issues is what do best. We have a range of clients who have said they happily recommend us to other property landlords they know!

Contact Your Next Property Management Today!

As a landlord of a property or multiple properties, you would want a company that has a sole focus on your rental and investment property management. One of those is managing your property up to the Healthy Homes Standards. Once your property complies with this standard, it can assist in finding a good class of renters. We can assure you that our company, Metro NZ Property Management is just that.


Our team is there to support you throughout the whole process and will make sure our focus is on you and your property. Our team has the best property management experience in the Auckland region, keeping up-to-date with all market rent information.

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