May 25, 2022

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If you’re a landlord, then you’ve probably heard about how helpful a fantastic property management company can be when it comes to being successful at what you do. A good property manager can make your job much more manageable, which will improve the lives of both you and your tenants. But, because property managers can make or break your business, you should never make your decision lightly. 

Instead of hiring the cheapest or closest management company, it would be best if you took the time to ask yourself a particular set of questions to help you make the best choice possible. After all, an outstanding property manager can significantly improve your life, but a substandard property manager can give you much more problems than they’re worth. 

This article will give you a helpful list of questions that will help you determine just what kind of property management company you’d like to hire.  

How Can A Property Manager Help Me?

Some people might wonder how a manager can help you and how a property manager differs from a landlord. To put it simply, a landlord is an individual who owns the property itself, whereas a property manager is someone who helps the landlord maintain their property and their business.

Although the specific services offered may vary from company to company, property managers are there to help you with everything there is to do with managing your property and your tenants. This can include everything from collecting rent to advertising vacant properties. 

What Should I Ask Myself Before I Hire A Property Management Company?

Along with asking your prospective property manager specific questions, there are some things you should ask yourself so you can determine what you particularly want from a property manager. Every landlord is different, so finding a manager who suits you is ideal.

So, as you look at your options, ask yourself these six questions:

1. What Kinds Of Services Do I Want Them To Perform? As mentioned above, not every manager will offer the same services. So, it’s essential that you analyse your tasks and determine what you’d like them to take care of. This way, you can contact them and ask them if they are willing to perform those services. 

2. How Many Properties Do I Have? Naturally, if you have multiple properties, you will need more help than someone with only a few properties. So, how much help you need will affect what kind of property management company you should hire.

3. How Many Properties Do They Manage? A property manager that manages quite a few properties will know how to multitask and adequately service their clients. It would help if you tried to find a management company with a team big enough to accommodate your places and manage their current listings. Therefore, always check their current listings to get an idea of what they do.

4. How Involved Would I Like To Be? Take a moment to think about the tasks you regularly perform regarding your tenants and properties - do you enjoy any of them? Are there any that you’d like to continue doing, even after hiring a property management company? Once you hire someone, that doesn’t mean you have to be entirely hands-off. Instead, think about how involved you’d like to be with your properties and discuss this with your potential management company to see if they can accommodate your wishes. 

5. Am I Having Any Specific Issues That I’d Like Their Help With? Are there any particular things that have been giving you trouble? If there are, you should consider speaking to your property manager about it before you hire them to see if they can resolve any of your issues. 

6. Can I Afford It? Naturally, it would help if you always thought about whether or not you can afford to hire someone. A fantastic property manager will definitely improve your life, but if you can’t afford paying for them, you’ll run into issues. However, you should also remember that their help will often save you money and may even bring you more profits in the future. 

I’m Ready To Hire Someone, Where Can I Find Excellent Help?

Once you’ve asked yourself all of these helpful questions, we encourage you to speak to our team at Metro NZ Property Management. We are proud to offer our services to New Zealand property owners who are looking for a bit of help. We have well over twenty years of experience in this business, and we are sure that you’ll be thrilled with our service.

If you have any particular questions that you’d like to ask us about our offers or methods, we’d love to have a chat with you. To do so, simply call us at +64 9 391 4642 to get in touch with our friendly team.

Find incredible property managing help from us at Metro NZ Property Management!