Dear Frank,

When Senta and I put our Dianne Louise Drive property on the market our expectations were based on our previous experience with trying (unsuccessfully) to sell a tenanted property.

With this property having two tenanted units, we expected the sale to be twice as complex and while we were hoping for a sale, we could only dream of the outcome that you and your team have ultimately produced.

Frank, at all times we were kept in the “know” and we did not feel that any unrealistic expectations were ever set. We felt at all times that you wanted this sale to be successful, not for your sake, but for ours.

The way that the communication was handled with us and with the tenants was expertly done and John’s way of washing calm over every conversation and communication must me unmatched.

We had some feedback from the tenants after the process and are pleased to pass on that they had only appreciative things to say about your team and about the process. We thank you especially for making this stress-free for the tenants.

Zsuzsanna’s way of managing the details kept us confident in remaining “onlookers” rather than trying to get involved. That was in stark contrast to our previous experience where we felt at all times that we had to fill in the missing pieces.

Given the purchasers, Layla no doubt added a role that few could have filled or filled so capably. There are no doubt others in your team that worked in the background and whose efforts were vital but invisible to us.

That you “pulled off” three viable offers in the short time confirmed to us that your process, connectedness and the expertise of your team is head and shoulders above the “others”. We know that everyone going through this process could do no better than placing their trust in the team at Metro NZ.

We thank you again for working so hard to achieve that fantastic outcome.


Kind regards Senta and Uli