Vanessa Jepson

My experience with Metro Property was really good from start to finish. As a property manager myself for a small family business, I am contacted frequently from larger companies eager to offer their services which I always politely decline as they are only willing to manage the whole property and totally ignore the fact that I am a property manager until I spoke with Frank.

For the first time I was offered the approach, “we are here to offer help in getting you the right tenant” and take care of all aspects of signing a new tenant.

Made my life a lot easier as the location from my house to the tenanted property was a distance to travel and most people where wanting to view after work which meant peak hour traffic was difficult for me.

Right from our first meeting, Frank outlined clearly what his company was about and that he would have a tenant for me within 2 weeks. I was happy to see that he was also focused in getting the right tenant as we had just renovated the whole house. Frank stood by his word and followed through with everything he promised to do for me.

Everything was very smooth and efficient, which I really appreciated and I will be recommending them to others looking for a home.