September 11, 2020

Metro NZ Internal
Westpac Business Award
By: Muneeb Ahmed

When we were announced as finalists in 2018 we were both grateful and humbled. If nothing else, being announced as an Westpac Business Award Finalist at the very least leads to a positive self-reflection, a check that those professionals that dissect your business into minute detail and from all angles, have given it a tick of approval; and it did wonders for our self-confidence. 

An accolade like this permeates throughout the business, from our admin staff and property managers to the leadership. At Metro NZ Properties we’re obsessed with calling ourselves a team and believe that every one of our staff contributes equally to the success of the business. The recognition that we achieved in 2018 was confirmation that we were heading in the right direction. We were confident to take on new business knowing that what we do is well above the norm. Best of all though was that we could all walk a little taller. Suddenly we felt that we were, along with the other finalists, members of a leading group.

A milestone rather than a destination

What we also realized, is that achieving this recognition is not a destination, but rather a milestone. It would have been wrong to merely continue as we were. Instead we used the opportunity to make further improvements to our strategy and processes, and we also worked again at something that we started a long time ago: we looked at how we could give back to those that are needy.

And so, we decided to support several charities, not only financially, but also on the ground. Our team got involved hands-on to contribute to these charities. We wanted to share our success, not only amongst ourselves and our clients, but also amongst those that had not previously crossed our path.

About Success

We’ve taken some time to go through the responses of the 2019 business awards finalist and want to reflect on how they speak of success. The common thread in those definitions highlights that success is an enabler, empowering others to succeed. From Mark Forward of Westpac NZ: “Success to me is seeing someone’s eyes light up when you are able to help them”.

To Metro NZ Properties is underlines our purpose. Our business services are designed to help and enable others, our clients: landlords, tenants and investors.  

We are now finalists for a second time and for two categories: “Strategy and Planning” (again), and “Community Contribution”. There is some relief. Becoming finalists for the second time is confirmation that 2018 was not just a one-off, and that we are truly “on path”. It again gives us purpose to work with our team to strive for even greater things.

Well done Team.