March 15, 2019

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By: metronz

It' in Kiwis nature to DIY things themselves and they often do a good job. In regards to property management, Kiwi owners prefer managing the property on their own. However, having the right property manager from Metro NZ Property Management will be a big asset to your portfolio. 

Metro NZ Property Management Managers are skilled and knowledgeable about the property industry especially with the Managing Director Frank Rangi who has over years of experience. 

At Metro NZ Property Management, we are either property investors, or property graduates, or sometimes, both. We understand the legislation, and most importantly, understand your needs.

The most important part when we manage a tenancy is the tenant's selection part. This is also the part that makes a difference afterward. We have access to the tools that private landlords do not have access to. Thus, we can ensure the tenants we select are the right person to your property. 

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