Susan Rogers-Allan

Being in real estate myself I have found the need to utilise the services of a property management company for my rental properties to be absolutely nil. I just advertise them myself and have been very successful in doing so.

Then came the day when I required to rent for a top property and guess what? It just didn’t happen for me.

Enter Frank Rangi of Metro NZ Property Management.

Frank took the time to contact me after seeing my ad on Trade Me. He didn’t give the normal patter … “I have someone who wants to rent your apartment … “. Frank said it as it was! Maybe I can help you? No obligation, it won’t cost you anything to see me. The rest is history…

Frank is a down-to-earth guy who knows the rental market inside out. He has a portfolio of executive clients requiring rental properties of a high standard for business people: a database created over years of hard work. His knowledge of market requirements is exceptional and repeat business from his clients is eminent.

All of the above adds up to one thing.

I knew what I wanted. Frank knew what I wanted. In one week he delivered. Because of this, I gave Frank Rangi of Metro the contract to manage the property.