November 17, 2022

Metro NZ Property Management
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When you hire someone to help you out, naturally, you want them to have the right skills and knowledge to assist you adequately. After all, a property manager won’t be able to help if they don’t know anything about property management. Your new property manager should have certain qualities that’ll prepare them for whatever they need to do. 

Finding a good property manager with the skills listed in this article is important. Great managers who have patience, good people skills, experience and more can be incredibly beneficial.

So, what kinds of qualities should your property manager have, and how can you find a manager who has them?

What Kind Of Skills Should My Property Manager Have?

A manager can have many qualities that’ll make them a better help to you and your tenants. These characteristics will make working with them easier, more productive and more straightforward. Property management is difficult, so having a good helper is vital.

It is very important to note that a great property manager should be well-rounded and have a good balance of these skills. If a manager is great in one category but bad in another, you could face problems with them. 

The skills that you should pay attention to are:

Patience. Managing property isn’t always easy. You have to deal with lots of people. Tenants, tradespeople and clients are all individuals, and some could be more frustrating than others. While you will encounter plenty of wonderful people, you will most likely also meet people who are very difficult to deal with.

When dealing with these kinds of people in the property management world, it’s crucial to stay calm and have patience. Your property manager won’t be very helpful if they lose their cool and their patience snaps. Instead, they should remain calm and deal with the issue with a level head.

Communication. Communication skills are essential in basically every kind of business there is. If you don’t communicate well, you won’t work well, and work won’t get done. When your property manager speaks to you, they should be able to speak clearly and get their point across without much trouble. 

Similarly, they should be able to stop and listen to you when you need to be heard. Excellent communication involves both speaking and listening in a clear and respectful manner. 

Organisation. Property management involves so many different kinds of tasks and details to follow. So, organisation is key. A disorganised property manager will have trouble finding even the most basic information, but an organised property manager will have everything where it’s supposed to be. 

Organised managers will also make sure to keep everything neat and tidy, which makes life better for both you and them. 

Professionalism. Property managers need to carry themselves in a professional yet approachable manner. While they shouldn’t be cold, they shouldn’t be too friendly, either. Skilful managers know the best ways to be friendly while remaining professional and serious. 

Previous Experience. Nothing can replace previous hands-on experience. Try and find a property manager who has plenty of experience helping other landlords with property management. Experienced managers know how to draw on their past experiences to help you better. 

For example, if you run into an issue while working, it’s very possible that your property manager has dealt with a similar problem before. Then, they can easily remember how they dealt with it in the past and quickly help you out. 

Look for a property manager or management company who has lots of experience working with different things and with people in your situation.

How Do I Find A Good Property Manager?

In order to find a manager or property management company who will assist you well, think of the following:

  • Check Out Their Website. Head over to the website and check out what they have to say about their services and team. Here, you can see what their team is like and how much experience they have. 
  • Look At Their Services. By looking at what services they offer, you can see what they are comfortable doing and what they are willing to do for you. You should move on if they don’t list the services you need. 

Contact Them And Ask Questions. An effective way to get to know a company is to simply give them a call. Contact them directly and ask any questions you have. Speaking to them will help you know what to expect from them.

Expertly Manage Your New Zealand Properties with Our Help

Metro NZ Property Management is your go-to company for outstanding management help in New Zealand. Our skilful property managers have all of the above-listed qualities and more! 

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