May 13, 2023

By: metronz

New Zealand has seen some destructive natural disasters in 2023, and many of these incidents have damaged properties and put landlords and their tenants in turmoil. Flooding has damaged buildings and rendered some structures uninhabitable. These unfortunate circumstances have devastated many - but the people who live in buildings that have been properly maintained have seen far fewer issues.

This is because consistent care and diligent property management can keep your properties strong and protected during natural disasters. A structure that’s been cared for is far more likely to stand strong when compared to a structure that’s been neglected and improperly maintained. 

These recent events have shone a light on the importance of smart maintenance and effective property management teams. You never know when the next bout of storms or flooding will occur, so your best step is to work with experienced property management experts now.

How Well-Maintained Properties Fare During Natural Disasters

We at Metro NZ Property Management are very happy to say that we had no major flood-related issues in our entire Auckland and Whangarei portfolio. Our cooperative team has always stayed on top of our obligations, and we consistently finish our tasks on time.

The effort we put in every day means that the properties we care for are well-prepared to handle certain situations, like storms and natural occurrences. This is because every job is important to us. Regardless of storms or harsh weather, we will always work hard.

Neglect can make properties weak, and improper management can cause issues to go unseen. These issues will only make dealing with disasters even more difficult when the time comes.

What You Need To Do To Keep Your Property Strong And Protected

So, what does this mean for you?

As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to do everything you can to keep your properties (and your tenants) safe. This includes working with property managers who truly care about what they do and who always put care and effort into everything they do. 

One thing you can do to protect your properties, no matter the circumstances, is to work with our Metro NZ Property Management team. 
The reason why we saw no major issues with our properties in Auckland and Whangarei during these floods was because our team does their absolute best to keep all of the properties we manage in tip-top shape. We know that one of the most important traits of a property manager is organisation, and we always stay on top of everything we do.

We’ve worked very hard throughout the years to care for our client’s properties to ensure they’re as strong as they can be. Property management that protects your structures includes:

  • Keeping Spouting, Gutters And Drainage Systems Clean. Naturally, flooding and rain involve your properties being pelted by massive amounts of water. Hopefully, your drainage systems will be able to handle this water - but they might not be able to if they’re weak, clogged or damaged in any way. Our team keeps an eye on these parts of your properties to look for anything that could compromise their usefulness. 
  • Maintaining Walls. Weather damage can be extremely destructive to walls, and your spaces won’t be very comfortable if any walls come tumbling down. Keeping your walls in good condition can keep them strong during harsh weather. If we notice any cracks or damages, we will do what we can to fix them. 
  • Managing Roofs. Your rooftops will need to be strong during nasty weather. Forceful wind and airborne debris can cause cracks, leaks and horrible damage. Strong roofs that have been cared for are more likely to stay intact. 
  • Building Inspections. One of the cornerstones of property management is consistent building inspections. You never know when there’s an issue hiding underneath the surface, and you won’t find it until it grows too big to go unnoticed - or until our team inspects your structure and discovers it. Finding issues and dealing with them before they grow worse is one of our top priorities during inspections. 
  • And More! There’s so much we can do to protect your properties, and we plan on doing everything we can! We encourage you to speak to us about any concerns you have regarding your structures. After all, one of the most important things about working well together is communication and smart interactions.

Want To Keep Your Properties Standing Tall For A Long Time? Call Us Now

Our properties have stayed strong for years, and we don’t plan on letting that change any time soon. Our Metro NZ Property Management team wishes to provide excellent services and results to our treasured clients for years to come. 

And we’d love to help you as well. Visit our Metro NZ Property Management site to see what we can do for you.

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