April 12, 2023

Property Owners
By: Layne Sparks

In late January and early February of 2023, Auckland faced what many are calling the ‘biggest climate event in New Zealand’s history.’ The major New Zealand city saw extreme flooding after torrential downpours rained down for days. Even once the rain ceased, Auckland’s massive population still had to face significant damages and hazards caused by the flooding. 

Countless civilians, businesses and properties have been affected by this disaster, and people are still doing their best to clean up and cope with the damages today. 

Auckland’s Current Status Regarding Floods

Even now, news stories about how Auckland’s residents are dealing with the aftermath of the damages continue to appear. This natural disaster has devastated many homes and families and the recovery process may take longer than we hope.

However, as time passes, people are finding more clear ways to recover from the damage and rebuild after the floods and weather. 

What To Do If Your Properties Were Affected By Flooding

Property owners are undoubtedly wondering what steps they should take if their properties have been affected by the flooding and weather. It may be challenging to know what to do, especially if your properties are inhabited by renters.

So, there are a few things that you should know about if you are a property owner whose properties have been damaged. Please be aware of the following:

  • You Are Responsible For Cleaning Your Properties. It’s your responsibility to clean your properties and anything damaged by the flooding. Of course, anything damaged that was your tenant’s property is their responsibility. It would help if you tried to determine the best way to handle cleanup and repairs with your property manager. 
  • Do Not Attempt To Conduct Repairs If Doing So Could Put You In Danger. It’s strongly recommended that you avoid removing your floors or walls if you suspect they may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos. If your property was damaged in ways that require specialised cleanup, you should speak to the right professionals and tradespeople who can assist you safely and efficiently. 
  • You Should Speak With Your Tenants To Figure Out The Best Course Of Action. If your properties were damaged to the point where they are uninhabitable, or partially uninhabitable, you should speak to your tenants about what to do next. Your tenant’s rent may be affected if their space was rendered partially uninhabitable.

What To Do Regarding Insurance For Your Property’s Damages

Even just a day or two after the flooding occurred, more than 6000 insurance claims had already been filed. Insurance companies are dealing with an extremely heavy workload due to the floods. So, even now, it’s best to be patient when dealing with your insurance company as there are so many people who require support from their insurance providers. 

It’s best to speak to your insurance provider when you can to work out your specific situation and to discuss what you can expect in the future. The easiest way to start is to contact your insurance company through their online website, or you can also call them directly over the phone.

It’s highly recommended that you only get in touch with your insurance company after you’ve had a chance to fully assess all damages afflicting your property. This way, you can have more details regarding your situation so that your insurance provider can better assist you. Doing so will speed up the process and make things simpler for both you and them.

It is also best to hold off on non-flooding-related claims if possible to let your insurance company get through the many claims filed by those who need assistance relating to the recent disaster. 

Coping With Damages And Preparing For The Future

As Auckland recovers, it’s crucial to take the right steps to help the city and its residents heal and rebuild stronger than ever. As a property owner, it’s vital that you ensure your properties are cleaned and maintained to ensure they are safe to live in once again. 

So, dedicated property management is more important than ever. We highly recommend working with your property manager and insurance company to get any damaged properties fixed and cleaned up as efficiently as you can. 

Diligent, consistent work and effort is the key to quick recovery and a stronger, safer future. 

Whom To Call For Expert Property Management Help And Advice In New Zealand

We at Metro NZ Property Management are here to lend a hand to Auckland’s property owners in these rough times. Our services can help you ensure your properties are adequately fixed up, cleaned and brought to their full potential.

The damages caused by the flooding have sent waves through Auckland’s communities, and we strive to do our best to help you march towards a stronger future. If you are interested in our help, we welcome you to contact us through our website or call our team at +64 9 391 4642.

Our Metro NZ Property Management team will work hard to do what’s right for you, your tenants and your properties.