Looking For a Rental Property?

Our property managers will be happy to assist you in looking for a rental property to call your home. Our property management services are considered to be one of the top services in Auckland. Our residential property managers are up to date on what is happening in the rental market, so we are always giving you the more precise market information at that time. Our clients, your soon-to-be landlords, are always on the hunt for the perfect tenant. If you think you are the perfect tenant for the residential property you are looking at, fill out the application form.


We represent only the highest standard of rental property over the North Shore and the rest of Auckland. All of the rental properties that are listed fit the Healthy Homes Standard and go through regular residential property checks. If you are concerned about a residential property’s home standard, get in contact with one of our friendly residential property managers today and we will come and review the property.

Our Property Management Services – Metro NZ

Metro NZ is one of the leading rental property management services in Auckland. Our Auckland landlords are some of the best and most respectful and uphold the highest responsibility for their property. This is why you should choose Metro NZ Property Management to find your next rental property. We are constantly providing excellent service to landlords, tenants, outside clients, other services and other professional rental property managers like real estate agents.


What residential property management service can we offer you? Our property management team will be supporting you, either as a landlord or a prospective tenant, throughout the entire process. From tenancy applications to finding the perfect house, our professional team will manage everything and ensure the process is running smoothly. Keep reading below to find out what our Property Management team in Albany, North Shore and the rest of Auckland can offer landlords and tenants

Renting a commercial property already and need to find a new commercial space? Our property management team offers both residential and commercial property management in Auckland. We can manage multiple properties at once because of the great team we have working with us. Not only will your commercial property manager help with the general property, but will assist with liaising with tenants, lease renewals, rent collections and reviews, insurance renewals and applications, and much more.


Investment Property Management Auckland

Do you need an investment property manager? You may be looking to purchase investment properties or already own a house or apartment that you rent out to tenants.

Property Maintenance


Rental buildings, big or small, should be maintained to a high standard. A good building manager will put in place a maintenance plan that covers things like internal fittings, appliances, air conditioning, internal phones, IT systems, security and multiple other general maintenance coverages. We include budgeting and scheduling as well, alongside managing. We make sure that your rental property passes regular inspections and the property is cleaned regularly and is up to living standards.



Additional Services

Our great team will always offer the most professional service to all of our clients. Additional services that we can help you with are asset managing, fault managing, building security, and ensuring a quality grounds and landscaping service. Our business has managed properties for many years and has extensive experience with everything involved in property management. If you are a home owner and would like Metro NZ to be your property manager, get in touch and phone us today.



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